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We've been operating since 1999. Our services include creating bespoke web and cloud applications, developing mobile apps, providing CMS and e-commerce solutions using Craft CMS, building blockchain distributed applications(DApp), offering digital transformation services, and providing business intelligence services. We may not be a large company, but we're capable and reliable. We don't make grand promises but consistently deliver value with quality built-in, which has helped us build a long-term trust relationship with our clients.

Hire Developers with the right QA-Pack

You can hire developers from many sources or directly. However, almost all developers write poor-quality code without defined Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance processes. As a result, your application will fail to provide value to its users and eventually fail, wasting your money and time.

You can easily avoid such a situation by hiring developers with the right QA-Pack. We have defined Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance processes covering the entire SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle), from requirement development to architecture, solution, coding, testing, and deployment.

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Hire a dedicated ReactJS Developer

Enhance Your Website with Expert React JS Developers! Find out why React is the top choice for dynamic and efficient web development. By hiring our skilled React JS developers, you'll leverage the latest in web technology for smoother, faster, and more responsive user experiences. Elevate your project with cutting-edge solutions now!

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React Native

Hire a dedicated React Native Developer

Hire a dedicated React Naive developer and build high-quality cross-platform Native Android and iOS Apps in less time and budget. Unlike Xcode and Android Studio, a React developer can create apps for iOS and Android with the same codebase, drastically reducing development time.

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MERN Stack

Hire a dedicated MERN Stack Developer

Hire a Dedicated MERN Developer / Full Stack Node.js Developer for your cloud application of any complexity. MERN stands for MongoDB + Express + React + Node.js. Developing an extensive MERN application is a team job. We will provide you with the other shared resources on an SOS basis at a marginal cost.

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Hire a dedicated PHP Developer

At Remote Programmer, our "Hire a PHP Developer" service offers overseas clients robust web solutions tailored to their needs. Our PHP developers are skilled in integrating seamless backends with Node.js and Express, proficient in technologies such as Laravel, Symfony, and MySQL. They are also experienced in using project management and deployment tools like Jira, Git, and Docker. Connect with us to harness the full potential of PHP for your web development projects with our dedicated experts.

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Hire a dedicated Laravel Developer

At Remote Programmer, our "Hire a Laravel Developer" service connects you with expert developers proficient in Laravel for sophisticated web solutions. While Laravel offers robust PHP frameworks, our developers also utilize Node.js and Express for powerful backend functionality. Skilled in associated technologies like Vue.js, Angular, and MySQL, and familiar with tools like Jira, Git, and Docker, our developers ensure comprehensive project management and deployment. Partner with us for exceptional Laravel development tailored to your needs.

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Hire a dedicated Phalcon Developer

At Remote Programmer, enhance your software capabilities by hiring a Phalcon developer. Our team specializes in the Phalcon framework for high-performance web applications, seamlessly integrating with Node.js and Express for optimal backend solutions. Our developers are proficient in additional technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, and experienced with essential tools like Jira, Git, and Docker for effective project management and deployment. Choose our expert developers for your next project to ensure cutting-edge, efficient solutions.

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Hire a dedicated Yii Developer

At Remote Programmer, leverage our "Hire a Yii Developer" services to access top-tier expertise for your web development needs. Our developers excel in crafting robust applications using Yii, complemented by efficient back-end solutions with Node.js and Express. They are proficient in associated technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and well-versed in deployment and project management tools including Jira, Git, and Docker. Partner with us to bring precision and innovation to your projects with our skilled Yii developers.

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Code Igniter

Hire a dedicated Code Igniter Developer

At Remote Programmer, tap into specialized expertise with our "Hire a CodeIgniter Developer" service. Our developers excel in CodeIgniter for creating dynamic and efficient web applications, with strong integration skills in Node.js and Express for robust backend systems. They are proficient in related technologies like AJAX, jQuery, and Bootstrap, and utilize tools such as Jira, Git, and Docker for streamlined project management and deployment. Partner with us to develop high-quality web solutions tailored to your needs.


Why Hire Us?

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25+ Years of Existence in the Industry

We have been in web development since 1999. We started our operation mainly with web development using PHP/HTML/Javascript. In 2004 we developed a PHP MVC framework based on JAVA strut; till then, there was no PHP framework. After that, we worked on almost all web technologies. We are now into web-based solutions, Blockchain Development & Digital Transformation solutions, especially for small to medium-sized companies. We have never been big, but we were always stable; because of the solid technical & ethical base.

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Solid Technical and Strong Ethical Base

We are small we never faced any sort of existential threat in the last 22 years of business. It is because of its solid technical and ethical base of key people running the business. As a result, both clients and employees do not leave us unless there is a major reason to do so. People stay with them for years.

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Highly Experienced and Skilled People

Due to our professional integrity and ethical practices, both employees and clients stay long with us. So we have more than 7 people in our small company who have been with us for over 15 years. 90% of the developers are 5+ years of experience. Due to the strong technical base and learning environment, people learn here quickly.

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Proper Quality Engg and Quality Assurance

Your software or any product will fail if it fails to provide VALUE to its customers. And VALUE STREAM is the process required to convert a business hypothesis into a technology-enabled service that delivers value to the customer. To maximise the value, we always define a particular set of Quality Engg & QA processes for every project covering the complete SDLC process.

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QA Team Takes the Accountiblity for Quality

Almost all developers write lousy code if there is a no definite QA Engineering & QA support processes. And eventually, you have to throw away all those bad codes in future. As a solution, you need a QA team. But setting up your own QA Team is too costly and cumbersome and our dedicated QA team will take this responsibility at a very reasonable cost.

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'Built-In Quality' - Your Key to Success

You can not make an iPhone in a factory that manufactures MI phones. iPhone requires separate manufacturing and quality engineering processes. In the same way, any software application with higher built-in quality is without proper Quality Engineering & QA processes. We deliver value, not just a bundle of code files. It has been possible by practising LEAN Software Development Principles, Toyota 5S, Agile Methodology, Scrum, DevOps, OpenAI, and more.

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Worldclass Agile and AI Tools in the Value Stream

We will not waste your time and money in remaking the wheel. Instead, we do continuous R&D on using software development tools, technologies, frameworks, concepts, and libraries for different software projects. We are familiar with popular cloud platforms like AWS, project development tools like Atlassian, many testing and test automation tools, and the latest AI tools like OpenAI ChatGPT and Open playground.

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The Most Reasonable Rates

Per our policy, we charge at a very reasonable rate. However, we know our competitors who charge much more. Some charge multiple times than we do for a similar or even lesser quality of delivery. We would request you start tasting our service for just one project first.

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History of Serving in the Long Term

Since 1999 we have been thinking about the long term. So we never applied various ways of making quick money. As a result, 90% of our revenue comes from a few clients who have been with us for years.

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